Survey Auditing

At Dynata, we care deeply about our respondents, and we have put checks and balances in place to make sure that they are not exploited in any manner.

Good survey experience leads to happy respondents, and happy respondents mean gathering data that you can confidently rely on for making informed decisions.

Audit Process

Every survey that you take live on Dynata is subject to auditing by our internal team of experts. The internal team is experienced to flag any issues with the survey and pause fielding if it requires intervention from you.

You can go through the section below to know more about what our team experts would look out for, and things you should keep in mind before launching surveys with Dynata.

Survey Content

Category Description
Explicit Content Surveys should not contain any explicit/lewd content that might be offensive to panelists
Under age surveys Surveys should not target panelists below 18 years old
PII Collection Surveys should not ask any Personally Identifiable Information to our panelists
Recruitment Surveys should not recruit Dynata panelists
Survey Categories Surveys should be properly categorized with the most appropriate surveyTopic. Miscategorization can lead to rejection
Device Friendliness Surveys should be device friendly. Mobile Targeted device will require mobile friendly surveys
Survey Localization Surveys should be localized in the language you have mentioned during line item setup
Survey Design Surveys should maintain a good design experience. Not too many grid questions, open ends, etc.

If you are specifically looking to get insights on surveys that do not follow above guidelines, please get in touch with us and we can have one of our experts work for you and setup the sample order.