Testing the Integration

To make sure your integration works as expected, see the steps below that you should verify:

Steps to verify

Step 1

You are able to create all the resources and make adjustments to them as needed.

Step 2

You can manage the lifecycle of the project and the line items, i.e. Launching, Pausing and Closing

Step 3

You can effectively setup surveylinks and survey test links with the Dynata append parameters included in them.

Step 4

You can gauge feasibility and pricing and call the buy endpoint to launch the line item

Step 5

You can call the events API to get the list of triggered events and act on any events as needed. In order for us to guarantee fulfillment of your order, you need to be able to subscribe to LineItem:RepriceTriggered events.

Step 6

You can monitor field progress and see project performance.

Testing with a Dynata support expert

After you have verified that the integration works, please reach out to us and we can help to test out this integration with a support expert. Our support expert can look at things more closely that you might not have visibility into and point out any errors that you may be facing.

We will additionally look at the following:

  • We are able to go into the survey as a test respondent and able to redirect back to Dynata
  • You are able to respond to a triggered repricing event
  • You are able to make the necessary adjustments to your quotas once live
  • You can handle any survey auditing rejections and fix those for continued fielding

Soft Launch

After the Dynata team has verified that everything is working fine, we will share the Production access for the API.

During the soft launch period, we will closely work with you to launch a couple of projects in Production with real respondents to make sure all parts of the integration is working as expected and there are no real surprises.

Full Launch

After the soft launch, we look at some important metrics, and recommend any adjustments to make the integration better.

Congratulations! You are now ready to start utilizing Dynata and roll it out to your end clients or internal teams to start leveraging the power of Dynata.

Our work does not end there, and our team will always be there to help you out with any issues or provide feedback on what you can do to keep improving this. Please be in the lookout for any important updates or announcements in your mailbox, as we are constantly improving the product and make it a better experience for you to work with us.