Respondent Flow Testing

While building the integration, you may want to test the respondent flow into your survey on an adhoc basis.

To be able to enter the survey as a test respondent please enter the following URL in your browser:{appId}&extProjectId={extProjectId}&surveyLink={surveyURL}

placeholders Description
{extProjectId} the extProjectId of the project you want to test
{appId} appId provided by Dynata
{surveyURL} URL encoded version of your surveyURL

For e.g. if the placeholders are as follows:

  1. extProjectId - Dynata2020_project_test
  2. appId - 89
  3. surveyURL - urlEncode(<#DubKnowledge[1500/Entity id]>&k2=<#Project[Secure Key 2]>&psid=<#IdParameter[Value]>)

the constructed URL will be

If you have setup your endlinks correctly you would see the “OK” message at the end. If you see an error, you would receive the appropriate error message that will allow you to troubleshoot.

Respondent Flow does not trigger actual completes

Testing the Respondent flow as a test respondent does not actually trigger completes, as such calling the Reporting endpoints will not increase the attempts, completes, etc. For simulating actual completes on sandbox please reach out to