Below is a list of Frequently Asked Questions. Many of these will help you with your integration.

We’re launching in New Zealand tomorrow. Will surveys will be available through Dynata?

No extra work is required if you’re going to start sending in users from new countries. For example, if at first you were sending in users from US and UK, and then you decided to add FR, our system will automatically detect this and show FR specific surveys to your users. Here’s a list of countries we actively support: US, DE, JP, AT, PH, PL, GB, MY, DK, TR, SG, SI, IT, AR, TH, FI, AU, KR, GR, CH, AE, ZA, NO, BE, MX, HK, CO, IN, VN, NL, SA, LU, ID, BR, TW, NZ, CA, CN, PT, CL, SK, ES, FR, SE, IE, PE.

Can we send a respondent to a line item of a project if he/she has answered a different line item of the same project before?

No, a user can only engage in a project once. If the user has already completed a line item for a project and tries to enter a second line item, they will be given a standard termination.