We support two separate redirect URLs, one for successful completes, one for all other statuses.

If you’d like to setup custom redirect URLs, contact your Dynata account manager. We don’t support redirect hashing; we use secure hashing in our system-to-system callback.

Query Parameters

At your request we can append query parameters to either redirect URL. The following describe the session result in the URL.

Parameter Description
transactionId Transaction ID
userId The three part Dynata user ID
endUserId The user ID passed in the entry URL
status F - user screened out of survey, the required number of responses from this demographic has already been met.
C - user successfully completed the transaction.
P - user screened out of survey, does not have the relevant attributes needed.
N - prescreener over quota, prescreener termination, user duplicate digital fingerprint, User Blacklisted
R - user failed quality score threshold
T - user failed security/fraud measures
sub_id A custom tracker ID that you may pass with the user in the entry URL.
tcode Provides additional data about user sessions. You can find the complete list of tcodes here.


Redirect URLs with query parameters appended.