We support two separate links, one for successful completes, one for everything else

If you’d like to setup custom redirect URLs, contact your Dynata account manager. We don’t support redirect hashing; we use secure hasing in our system-to-system Callbacks.

We return a handful of query parameters describing the session result in the URL:


Transaction ID


The three part Dynata user ID


The user ID passed in the entry URL


The status of the transaction: C, P, or F.


A custom tracker ID that you may pass with the user in the entry URL.


Advanced Redirect Values

If you’d like to receive additional data about user sessions, add tcode=#tcode# to your Redirect URL.



Below are the possible values you will receive with tcode value query parameter.

tcode status code reason
Dropout 2 User dropped out in client survey
Prescreeners exhaustion 3 User spent too much time on prescreener questions
Transaction C 5 Survey completed
Transaction F 6 Overquota, fraud, or prescreener screenout
Transaction P 7 Screenout during client survey
Internal Error 8 Dynata internal error
Missing Entry URL Parameters 9 Parameters are missing from entry URL, such as uid, xltid,etc.
Invalid Hash Code 10 Invalid hash in entry URL
Project Not Launched 11 Survey paused or closed
Under Age User 12 User under the age of 12
User Already Completed Survey 13 Survey was already completed by this user from this IP address
User Banned 14 User banned by Dynata security/fraud measures
IP Banned 15 IP banned by Dynata
ISP Banned 16 Internet provider banned by Dynata
Doesn’t Match Survey 21 Age, gender, and zip code do not match project qualifications
User’s country and lineitem country do not match 24 Country of user’s IP address and country of survey do not match
Project not available 28 Project not available at time of click
Unknown termination reason 29 Unavailable reason…