When a user completes a survey or is screened out, they’re redirected back to Dynata. If you’d like to setup custom redirect URLs, contact your Dynata account manager. We don’t support redirect hashing and instead use secure hasing in our system-to-system Callbacks.

We can pass several query paramers back in the redirect URL and give you information about the user’s previous transaction:


Transaction ID


The three part Dynata user ID


The user ID passed in the entry URL


The status of the transaction: C, P, or F.


A custom tracker ID that you may pass with the user in the entry URL.


Advanced Redirect Values

If you’d like to receive additional data about user sessions, add tcode to your Redirect URL:

tcode = #tcode#

Below are the possible values you will receive the the tcode parameter.

Matcher Failed = 1

Dropout = 2

No Prescreeners available = 3

Profiler Screenout = 4

Transaction C (Complete) = 5

Transaction F (Quota Full) = 6

Transaction P (Screenout) = 7

Internal Error = 8

Missing Entry URL Parameters = 9

Invalid Hash Code = 10

Project Not Launched = 11

Under Age User = 12

User Already Completed Survey = 13

User Banned = 14

IP Banned = 15

ISP Banned = 16

Throttling error = 17

No Matches = 18

Matcher Timeout = 19

Matcher Exception = 20

Doesn’t Match Survey = 21